Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts. Been shooting like crazy. Promise to start back up on Monday.

I'm off to L.A. in the morning to watch my big brother race in the X-Games! If you're interested in watching, his race is on Saturday and it aires on ESPN. I don't know what time it's on so just look on the guide for SuperMoto. His name is Cassidy Anderson and he's number 15. Cross your fingers for him!

Have a great weekend!


UPDATE!!! His race is on at 5.


rebecca said...

we will be watching:)

tylerandamandahall said...
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Chelsey said...

We watched and were sad he didn't make it! He was SO close! Hope you had a fun trip!

The Smiths said...

Hope your trip was fun. Your pics of the Kelshaws are amazing! How about us planning to do some preggo photos sometime within the next month (like end of August-ish) - what do you think? I want to do it before I get all big and stretch marky.