Monday, February 16, 2009

Always the wedding photographer, never the bride...


I'm officially engaged to the boy who caught my eye at 14. The boy who I fell in love with at 16. The boy who calls me 'chief', 'Hayley-May', 'chicklet', and 'nerd'. The boy who plants his own garden, loves old country music, loves to read, eats a 'hogie' for lunch everyday of his life, loves to touch my collar bone and watch me cringe, truly cares about people, gives good advice, always warms up my hands with his, tells me I'm beautiful when I least expect it, has the cutest laugh, hates reality t.v., has a tiny beauty mark on his left cheek, knows the answers to random questions, buys me candy, and draws on my feet because I love how it feels...
(strange, but true)

The boy that drew this on my foot Saturday night.

And the boy that gave me this to seal the deal.

I love this boy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Janvier & Grant LaBarbera

I cannot begin to describe how incredible it was to be a part of this wedding. The people, the places, the details...everything was above and beyond. Janvier and Grant had an old Hollywood theme in mind and with the help of Janvier's amazingly talented and creative mother that's exactly what they got. The wedding events were kicked off by a dinner and sunset boat ride on Janvier's family's yacht. Followed by their marriage ceremony in the San Diego Temple and a New Year's eve celebration/reception at the Beaumont home in Rancho Santa Fe.

Pay attention to the reception details. Everything at the reception was handmade by Janvier's mom, including each guests party hat! Incredible...

Best wishes you two!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stay Tuned...

For this amazing wedding that kicked off the New Year!