Monday, January 18, 2010

I photographed Common last year at a concert in Park City. I must say, being a concert photographer would be an incredible job. The perks are awesome! I didn't get front row tickets, I got ONSTAGE tickets! It was so fun and so intimidating. I was just waiting for him to look at me and ask what I was doing there! Luckily, that never happened and I was able to stay for the whole show.

Another great perk is that you usually get to bring a friend with you. I asked my big sister to come and help me with equipment and to keep me safe : ) She agreed and ended up being my favorite subject of the night... Everyone in the club was envious of her dance skills. Just look at the second picture down...all eyes were on her.

Common was great, but the highlight of the night was the dancing Frenchman in the street. Somehow he got two perfect strangers to join him in the can-can. He then proceeded to do the worm and sing a song about David Hasselhoff.

Needless to say, it was a great night. For various reasons.


Ellery said...

ohhhh the memories :) that was such a fun night!! thanks for letting me be your assistant, i worked so hard! Common was awesome, i hadn't got my groove on like that for quite sometime...and it felt fabulous! :)
and the fake french man was a perfect way to end the night. he had to be one of the weirdest people i have encountered in my life. soo funny.
oh, you should mention my dance move in the first pic is to single ladies.
ps this post has put me in the mood for another one of our adventures :)
WAY cool pics!

Arleene Taylor said...

haha hilarious that there's a half-naked chick dancing with some guy in the background and some guy taking a picture of them (or maybe just her) lol!

Kat Clark said...

How cool! Love the pics.

Shanna said...
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Shanna said...

I was talking to Becky Kimball about you the other day and she told me that you have a church album out. I found it and just listend to it! Oh my gosh... you are unbelievable! your voice is so beautiful and I am not just saying this... but you sound like Celine Dion.

Gosh, you rock at everything you do!

Gabriel said...

may name is gabriel falo portugues(brazil)

mer and josh said...

Hilarious. Sounds like a blast.