Thursday, April 29, 2010

Those of you who know we well know that music and photography are equals in my life.
So instead of pictures, today you get music!
Here is a list of the songs that have been on repeat this week:

1. Permalight - Rogue Wave

2. Whether You Fall - Tracy Bonham

3. Shadow Boxer - Fiona Apple (so old and so good)

4. Horchata - Vampire Weekend (makes a bad mood disappear)

5. Actor Out Of Work - St. Vincent

6. Catalyst - Anna Nalick

7. Sweet Religion (Live) - Imogen Heap (NO ONE'S voice compares to hers - in my mind)

8. Sway - Bic Runga

9. 10 Mile Stereo - Beach House

10. Invisible Sun - Sting (easily my favorite Police song)

11. So In Love - The Icarus Account

12. Trouble - Ray LaMontagne


Ellery said...

You are the queen of unknown music. Or maybe I am just out of it cause I'm old. (doubt it)
Lots of them sound weird but you have good taste so I will check them out.
Shadow Boxer I DO know and I am SO glad you brought fab Fiona up. I LOVE her. One of the best concerts I have ever been to.

You forgot White Horse! :)

Ellery said...

OHHH you need to check out The Waifs. I think you would really like them. I've listened to a few of their songs on itunes...pretty good. I think they will really grown on me.

jerry said...

Excuse me but I don't see any Jimmy Buffett, Neil young, Tom Petty, John Hiatt or Big Head Todd. I am starting to wonder if you are the fruit of my loins.

Ashley G. said...

I LOVE that you like Tracy Bonham. She's been one of my faves since 7th grade! Her first album is the best! I also love Catalyst by Anna Nalick. I listened to that song over and over when I dated someone who was no good for me, but I love that entire album, too. You have GREAT taste in music! McLane likes that you have Ray LaMontagne on this list. We can't get enough of him!